Common(s)Lab first warm-up event

Three days ago, we held our very first event as Common(s)Lab in our new space at TOP Schillerpalais. We are iteratively trying out different formats to engage with different people from diverse communities – communities of interest, of practice, of place, which shape around different spatial conditions. During this very first event, we wanted to introduce ourselves and the project to the community in the space, to our friends, families, and networks in a casual way. We set up a Facebook page and initial website and invited people to an open afternoon of getting to know the project better. We discussed possibilities and challenges of a neighbourhood lab over baking cookies with self-made cookie cutters from recycled cans, followed by a movie screening of the documentary ‘Parko’ on a self-organised park in Athens with some hot soup. The film’s director Clara Stella Hüneke was also present to introduce the movie and talk about its background. It was a great and convivial afternoon and we look forward to next activities in January, which we are currently planning – getting to know the neighbourhood, its stakeholders and needs better, and how that relates to a larger context is our central aim.

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