Economies of Common/ing. Interview Reader #1 (2020)
The first reader with a focus on economy includes interviews with Friederike Habermann, Katherine Gibson, Tobias Rosswog, and Christa Müller/Karin Werner.

Spaces of Common. Interview Reader #2 (2022)

The second reader with a focus on space includes interviews with Dagmar Pelger, Doina Petrescu, Kim Trogal, and Andrea Vetter.


Common(s)Lab Zine, 2018-21. 3 years of (un)learning.
A documentation of the diverse processes, formats, and learnings from the past three years of Common(s)Lab, a community project in Schillerkiez, Berlin-Neukölln. The project, initiated at the end of 2017, was conceived as an emancipatory space to explore and foster more communal, convivial and caring ways of living, thinking and acting together. The zine outlines the various formats and methods that we have adopted over the past three years and brings together an array of resources and instructions — which emerged and evolved thanks to the many people who became part of Common(s)Lab — that we hope might serve as an inspiration and resource for similar projects or activities wherever you are.


Caring for the common and caring in common. Towards an expanded architecture/design practice (co-written with Melissa Harrison). Position paper presented at the NORDES Design research conference “Who Cares?” in Helsinki, June 2019.

Economies of Commoning – New Frameworks for Citizen Participation?
Paper presented at IASC conference “Practicing the Commons” in Utrecht, July 2017.


“Matters of Care” in Spaces of Commoning: Designing In, Against and Beyond Capitalism (2022) In: Bruyns, G., Kousoulas, S. (eds) Design Commons. Design Research Foundations, 239–258. Cham: Springer.
A chapter contribution to the book Design Commons, edited by Gerhard Bruyns and Stavros Kousoulas and published by Springer. Click here for more info.