EcoDA symposium Open Source Urban Resilience

Next week, I will be in Sheffield attending the EcoDA symposium on Open Source Urban Resilience, a two-year European project EcoDA, Experimental co-Design Approaches, based at the University of Sheffield:

The project has investigated ways of scaling community resilience practices and opportunities for using digital technologies to sustain these processes. A number of local organisations and groups across three countries (UK, France, Romania) have been involved as part of the project in dealing with these questions:

How might community resilience practices access and use resources so that they become sustainable in the longer term?
How might individual initiatives be amplified and result in wider-scale urban transformations?
What forms of governance and types of platforms are needed in order to support scaling processes?
What kinds of tools could enable a commoning of resilience practices and how might these tools be co-designed?

The Symposium will extend these questions to a wider audience of practitioners and academics with the aim of collectively discussing and initiating a wider platform for commoning resilience practices.


DAY 1: Scaling Community Resilience Practices

10:30-11:00 // Registration & Coffee

11:00-11:15 // Welcome & Introduction

11:15-11:45 // Keynote on Governing Transitions to Urban Resilience

11:45-13:30 // Thematic sessions:

Resourcing community resilience practice
Governing networks of community resilience hubs
Establishing and sustaining alternative civic institutions

14:00-14:45 // Lunch & project presentations

14:45-16:00 // Workshops: How can we amplify the impact of individual community resilience initiatives and achieve wider-scale urban transformations?

16:00-16:15 // Coffee break

16:15-17:30 // Convening session

DAY 2: Digital Tools for a Shared Resilience Platform

08:45-09:15 // Registration & Coffee

09:15-09:45 // Keynotes on Platforms for Urban Resilience

09:45-12:00 // Workshops: Co-designing a shared platform:

Introduction to EcoDA platform prototype
Thematic workshop sessions: What kinds of tools are needed to sustain scaling processes?

12:00 – 13:00 // Lunch & project presentations

13:00-14:45 // Round-table discussion: What forms of governance are needed to sustain these scaling processes?

14:45-15:00 // Coffee break

15:00-15:30 // Final reflections and closing

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